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Many people choose to live in hostels. George Fleming House is an old style of accommodation dating back in the 1880’s and 1890’s by British settlers. While those who lived in hostels were doing so because they did not have an option, living in hostels is nowadays fast becoming a matter of choice. Many people are preferring to live in hostels mainly because they are affordable and home away from home.

Our House

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George Fleming House has an array of benefits which include furnished single and double rooms, laundry facilities, satellite television, internet and a well maintained swimming pool.

Our Rooms

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George Fleming House can accommodate up to 80 residents. The “old” wing consists of 27 double rooms and 4 singles and the “new” wing has 12 double rooms. Two Meals are provided in the dining room daily and the lounge is popular with residents to relax in after a busy day.

Our Dining

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George Fleming House is managed by Marylou Chisholm. Marylou has been running the house since June 2016 and is held in very high regard by the Residents, Management and Trustees. Marylou runs a very disciplined house which is essential when caring for up to 82 young ladies. Her passion and commitment is exemplary and she treats the girls as if they were her own. George Fleming House is indeed very fortunate to have Marylou as House Manager.

Our Events

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 Click here to get your copy of the George Fleming House Rules.


Hostel Information


Check in

After 10 AM

Check out

Before 4 PM


Secure parkiing for one vehicle per guest

Allow pets

No pets allowed

Number of rooms



Cancellation conditions 

Short Term - Cancellations for this hostel can be made free of charge until 1 day before arrival.

Long Term - Cancellations for this hostel must be made in writing 30 days before departure.


2 gigs free Wifi per guest, paid Wifi available 

Suitable for disabled / modified rooms

Not suitable for people with disabilities

Public transportation

Public transportation and taxi service available

Contact Info

House Manager: Ms. Carla Wellington

Physical Address: 232 Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe


Telephone: +263 242 764 358

Mobile: +263 773 569 168

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