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More and more people are choosing to stay in hostels as an affordable accommodation alternative. George Fleming House offers an old-fashioned style of living quarters dating back to the 1880s and 1890s- the era of British settlers.

George Fleming House is steeped in history and has a reputation for bringing out the best in young ladies that are housed within its wall. Our House enables our guests to achieve their full potential, whilst finding their own way in life be it high school, college, attachment (internship) or first years of employment.
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Located along the busy Herbert Chitepo Street, our house sits opposite the prestigious Dominican Convent school, 5 minutes from the Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral, 8 minutes from two supermarkets, coffee shops and fast-food eateries!

George Fleming House has an array of benefits which include furnished single and double rooms, laundry facilities, satellite television, and a well-maintained garden and swimming pool.


George Fleming House can accommodate up to 80 residents. The Beit and Wilson Fox Wings consists of 27 double rooms and 4 singles and the “Brooks Wing ‘’ has 12 double rooms. Two Meals are provided daily and the lounge is popular with residents to relax in after a busy day or study for classes or exams.


George Fleming House offers a wide variety of meals to suite all appetites. We have a large kitchen and excellent cooks to provide healthy meals and a balanced diet for all our residents all year round. We are also very proud of our own garden from which many of the healthy vegetables we serve are grown by us!


George Fleming House located in Harare offers safe, clean housing, and   is conveniently located near restaurants and shops within proximity to town (walking or a quick car/taxi ride), shopping center at Fife Avenue and CBD. We offer nutritious meals made with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs from our garden.

Our accommodation includes single and shared rooms. Facilities include a dining room, lounge, cozy courtyard, inviting gardens, beautiful swimming pool for the hot days, 24/7 security and parking. Additional property facilities include BBQ/braai area, shared washing area, shared refrigerator to store additional food, community meetings and study and TV lounge

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