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24/7 Security is available on the premiss. Each room also comes with a key. Should you need an small valuables safeguard, talk to the House Manager. We also require all guests/visitors to sign in and out of the Visitors Book.
There is a curfew to ensure your safety while you’re staying with us. Should you need to be away or out late, a permission slip signed by the House Manager or Housekeeper on duty is required.
Linen & Towels
Available only for short stays (less than 3 months). Anything longer than 3 months, will require you bring your own linens and towels.
What time is the Office Open
Office is open from 9:00am - 6:00pm but some member of staff is available till 9pm to address any pressing issues. You can knock on the House Manager’s door for any urgent concerns.
What Language is Spoken
English and Shona but we accommodate people of all nationalities.

Internet connection?

A wireless internet connection is available. Currently, it is not available in the rooms but we are working on it.

Which is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (IATA: HRE, ICAO: FVRG). It is about 20Km from the House.

Which is the nearest Bus station?

The nearest bus station is in Harare at the Roadport at 4th Street and Robert Mugabe Road

Is breakfast included in the price?

Breakfast is offered to all guests staying at the hostel.

What is offered at breakfast?

Then breakfast includes a selection of  hot food that range from eggs, sausages etc as well as porridge/oat meal, cereals (cornflakes), bread and teas. 

What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am, every day and Sunday breakfast is served by 

What is the difference between a single room and a double room?

A single room, there is only one person in the room, whereas a two single beds and your share with another resident.


Smoking is not permitted in the rooms but on the verandah and courtyard.

Do you have rooms that have services for those with disabilities?

At the moment we are able to make a few adjustments to accommodate anyone with special needs. Discuss with House Manager is important to ensure your needs are met.

Do the bathrooms have baths or showers?

Most of the rooms have shower and shared.

How many floors does the hostel have?

The hostel has two floors in all.

Is there a lift/elevator?

There is no lift. Stairs are required for the top floor.

Are there car parking spaces or a car park?

Our hostel has a private car parking with secure security.

How much does parking cost?

The car park costs is additional to current room costs. Parking can be paid per day or long term. Each vehicle parked in the parking lot needs to be paid for via available payment options.

Are pets allowed to stay at the hostel?

No, pets are not welcome at this time. 

How far in advance do I have to book?

As soon as you have planned your trip! We sometimes have last-minute availability, but in general the earlier you book, the better chance of ensuring you have a room for you.

Is the online booking procedure secure?

Yes, we use the SSL protocol, so all bookings made on our site are secure.

Are the prices quoted per room or per person?

The prices quoted are always per room for Bed & Breakfast, is always important to check for the most comfortable type of room. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to discuss with staff.

When do I need to pay for the accommodation?

Payment of any outstanding balance is made when you check out, but payment  and deposit (long term stay) must be guaranteed when you check in, unless agreed otherwise on the basis of the applicable rates.

What are the forms of payments?

Yes, we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Mobile Banking (Ecocash), Transfer/Zipit, PayNow. Proof of Payment required for all transactions. Please email or forward via text.

Contact Info

House Manager: Ms. Carla Wellington

Physical Address: 232 Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe


Telephone: +263 242 764 358

Mobile: +263 773 569 168

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